Celestial Cats is a collection of 7,777 unique felines wandering the vast Celestial Plain as they hunt, gather, socialize and do commerce. They are divided amongst four collections in four different territories of the metaverse. In the form of these majestic beasts, you will explore freely, claim territory, eat prey, drink from watering holes, and meet others like you in what will be the official population program for the upcoming Celestial Plain metaverse.

Official Partners

We are proud to announce our partnerships with Crossmint, Thirdweb, Polygon, and Nftfuturechain. These collaborations enable us to provide our users with even more innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Crossmint's expertise in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology allows us to expand our services in the digital asset space, while Thirdweb's proficiency in web development enhances our online platforms. With the integration of Polygon's scaling solutions, we can offer faster and more efficient transactions on our platform, ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, our partnership with Nftfuturechain brings a new level of creativity and design to our brand, enriching the visual experience for our users. Through these strategic alliances, we are confident in our ability to deliver exceptional value and exceed our users' expectations.

The Apex Exclusive includes private channels within our Discord where Whitelist spots for exciting future giveaways are assigned! These channels will be available to all those who participated in our NEW YEAR'S FREE MINT and own one or more Celestial Cats NFTs!

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